What Do You Know About Heart?


A heart attack can strike anyone and at any time.


There are a number of things that can increase the risk, including overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and especially people over the age of 60 years.


Here I will not explain how to deal with a heart attack, or what action should be taken if someone has a heart attack. This article leads to more discussion of heart function and cardiac anatomy, and how it works.


The heart function is to receive and pump blood throughout the body.


In a normal condition, every minute, the heart in adults beats 60-100 times. The heart is slightly larger than the adult fist weighing 200-425 grams. The structure of the heart is between the lungs, in the center of the chest, precisely on the left rear of the breastbone.



Following is an anatomical explanation of cardiac physiology.


Parts of the Heart and Their Functions


1. Pericardium


Pericardium is a type of serous membrane that produces serous fluid to lubricate the heart during pulsing. The aim is useful to prevent painful friction between the heart and surrounding organs.


2. Porch


The porch or atrium is the upper part of the heart consisting of the right and left foyer. The right porch serves to receive dirty blood from the body carried by blood vessels, while the left foyer serves to receive clean blood from the lungs. The porch has thin and not muscular walls because its function is only as a recipient of blood.


3. Rooms


The next anatomical part of the heart is the chamber. The chamber called the ventricle is the lower heart part which consists of the right and left parts. The right chamber serves to pump dirty blood from the heart to the lungs, while the left ventricle serves to pump clean blood to the heart for the whole body. This cubicle wall is different from the porch wall, the cubicle has much thicker and more muscular walls.


4. Valve


The valve serves to maintain blood flow in one direction. There are four valves, namely:


1. Tricuspid valve, serves to regulate blood flow between the right foyer and the right chamber.

2. The pulmonary valve, serves to regulate the flow of blood from the right chamber to the pulmonary arteries that carry blood to the lungs to extract oxygen.

3. The mitral valve, serves to drain oxygen-rich blood from the left porch to the left ventricle.

4. The aortic valve, serves to open the way for oxygen-rich blood to be passed from the left ventricle to the aorta.


5. Blood vessels


There are three blood vessels in the heart, namely:


- Arteries, function to carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to other body parts.

- Veins, function to carry oxygen-poor blood from the entire body to the heart.

- Capillary, functions to connect the smallest artery with the smallest vein.



How the heart works


The heart works to pump and supply blood to all parts of our body.


The right atrium receives blood from the entire body through the vena cava which then flows into the right ventricle. Blood from the right ventricle is pumped outside the heart to the lungs to exchange carbon dioxide with oxygen. Blood that has been filled with oxygen, then pumped into the left atrium, then into the left ventrical, and then flowed throughout the body through the aorta.


By knowing how our heart work, its functions, and the anatomy of the heart, we might have a better understanding of our heart and to be able to maintain the condition of our heart by adopting a healthy lifestyle so that our heart continues to work optimally.


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