What Are The Highest Waterfalls In The World?


What are the Highest Waterfall in the World?


Below is the list of top ten highest waterfall in the world


Waterfall Name Location Source Height (Feet) Height (Meters)
Angel (Salto Angel) Canaima Nat'l Park, Venezuela Upper trib. of Rio Caroni 3,212 979
Tugela Natal Nat'l Park, South Africa Tugela River 3,110 947
Utigord (Utigordsfoss) Norway Glacier fed 2,625 800
Monge (Mongefoss) Marstein, Norway Mongebeck 2,540 774
Gocta Cataracts Chachapoyas, Peru 2,532 771
Mutarazi (Mtarazi) Nyanga Nat'l Park, Zimbabwe Mutarazi River 2,499 762
Yosemite Yosemite Nat'l Park, California, U.S. Yosemite Creek 2,425 739
Espelands (Espelandsfoss) Hardanger Fjord, Norway Opo River 2,307 7031
Lower Mar Valley (Østra Mardolafoss) Eikesdal, Norway Mardals Stream 2,151 6552
Tyssestrengene Odda, Norway Tyssa River 2,123 6472
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