What are BPKB (Book Vehicle Owners) and STNK (Motor Vehicle Letters)? What are Their Functions


Have you had vehicle registration and BPKB on your vehicle?

Make sure you have it before driving on the highway!


Because it is a proof of your ownership of the vehicle.


Then you may ask, what are STNK and BPKB?

Here is the answer:


1.BPKB is: Book issued / issued by Traffic Police Unit as proof of ownership of motor vehicle.
2.BPKB functions as a Letter of Proof of Ownership of Motor Vehicles.
3.The issuance of BPKB is conducted by the Traffic Unit of the Indonesian National Police.
4.The technical specifications and procurement of BPKB are determined by the Police of the Republic of Indonesia.
5.Simultaneously with registration of BPKB shall be issued Letters of Vehicle Registration Number and Motor Vehicle Number (STNK).

And what is its use?

Here is his statement:


The function and role of BPKB

1.All types of motor vehicles that have been registered and have vehicle registration for a motor vehicle either in running condition or in damaged condition are required to have BPKB as motor vehicle identification.
2.BPKB can be equated with an enhanced Certificate of Ownership and is an important document that should be kept well by the concerned.
3.BPKB will enhance the efficiency of the administration procedure of motor vehicle registration, so in addition to improving public service is also used to improve the way of supervision of non-tax state income, ownership of motor vehicles and so forth.
4.BPKB can be used as security / liability in borrowing and borrowing based on public trust.

For What we have vehicle registration and BPKB?

Below is an explanation:



1.Implementation of Registration and Identification of Motor Vehicles in the form of BPKB is for the purpose of performing the duties of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia in creating security and public order, especially related to the investigation / investigation on cases of violations and crimes related to motor vehicles.
2.The development of crime is increasingly sophisticated and complex, thus requiring the Police to exert all the power to overcome, among others through the Registration and Identification of Traffic / Registration of Motor Vehicles.
3.Therefore, steps should be taken to equate perceptions and actions in the process of issuing BPKB, especially mechanism and procedures for issuing BPKB.

Legal basis

a. RI Law no. 2 of 2002 on the Police of the Republic of Indonesia.
b. RI Law no. 22 of 2009 on Road Traffic and Transportation.
c. Presidential Instruction No. RI. 5 Year 2004 on the Acceleration of Corruption Eradication.
d. PP no. 50 of 2010 dated May 25, 2010 on Types and Tariffs on Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) that apply to the Police of the Republic of Indonesia.
e. Kep Menpan RI No. : Kep / 63 / M.Pan / 7/2003 dated July 10, 2003, concerning General Guidelines for the implementation of public services.
f. Kep Menpan RI No. : Kep / 25 / M.Pan / 2/2004 dated February 24, 2004 on General Guidelines for the preparation of the Public Satisfaction Index for the services of government agencies.
g. Kep Menpan RI No. : Kep / 26 / M.Pan / 2/2004 dated February 24, 2004 on Types of transparency and accountability in the provision of public services.
h. Letters of Telegram Dirlantas Polri No.Pol: STR / 14 / II / 2007 dated January 24, 2007 on Jukrah and evaluation report on Public Satisfaction Index to public service in the field of SSB by Polri.
i. Telegram Letters Kababinkam Polri No.Pol: ST / 175 / X / 2007 dated October 8, 2007 on various efforts, tips and breakthroughs and innovations that have been taken in providing excellent service to the community.
j. Work plan of Riau Police Traffic Directorate 2010 in the field of Registration and identification of motor vehicles.



Service Letters of Lost STNK Missing, Status of BPKB Leasing
Requirements to complete:
1. Application form
2. Police Reports lost vehicle registration
3. Physical checks of vehicles that have been legalized
4. Copy of BPKB and legalisir dr Leasing
5. Certificate of lease
6. Identity Owner

Service of Origin BPKB Lost Origin
Requirements to complete:
1. Application form
2. Police Report Losing BPKB
3. Physical Check that has been legalized
4. newspaper clippings in two mass media
5. Letters from Reserse (Reskrim)
6. Blocking BPKB (dup bank checks)

Correction Services BPKB
Requirements to complete:
1. BPKB to be rectified
2. Owner invoices
3. Original vehicle registration
4. Certificate of Document Rupture from the authorized

The original BPKB Livelihoods Service is Duplicated
Requirements to complete:
1. BPKB original and BPKB duplicate
2. Check the physical vehicle
3. STNK on behalf of the current owner
4. Letter of subscription request BPKB (sealed)

Duplicate BPKB Service
Requirements to complete:
1. Police report lost BPKB (min level of Polsek)
2. Identity Card (for individuals)
3. Copy of Deed of establishment and domicile letter (for legal entity)
4. Power of Attorney (for Government Agencies / legal entities)
5. Lost BPKB Statement Letter from the sealed owner
6. Evidence of broadcasting in 2 (two) mass media.
7. Certificate from Reserse (Reskrim)
8. Sketch from bank that is not in Bank guarantee status.
9. Physical Check of vehicles Attend (Polda level)
10. Copy of STNK
11. The owner is required to present to the Photo and scan the ID card

Thus we convey this information. May be useful.


Source: Police Website


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