To Get A New View, You Have To Take A Path That Few People Get Through

To get a new view, you have to take a path that few people get through.

(By: Murhot Hutagalung)

Everyone tends to go to the crowd. And almost everyone wants to go through a path that many others go through.


Once on an occasion, at a tourist spot, visitors who just arrived finally returned back because they did not find anyone else in the place. Not because the place is not attractive, but simply because they did not find the presence of others in that place. Even though it might be the best time to enjoy the beauty of the tourist attractions.


Instead of returning back because of the absence of people, why not try to enjoy every corner of the tourist attraction? Trying to understand that there are places in the world made more beautiful than others. Trying to understand why everyone is different. Trying to contemplate?


Observations that were accidentally carried out by the author. The author tried to analyze why it happened. And the author does not want to draw conclusions from the incident.

But the author remembers the competition to get a job in a company. How many applicants are trying to compete for a position. And it's not easy.


On one occasion, the author had experienced it. Among the 5 thousands of applicants who tried to directly 'walk interview' in a Japanese company to get a position, and among applicants in which there were graduates from overseas universities the authors remain confident that the author would be accepted at the Japanese company.


Not because the writer is smarter. Also not because the writer is more capable than others. The author only tries to take a method that is not done by others. And the author does not need to mention in detail what the author did at that time. Because if so you will face it the way the author did. The important thing is to try to make it different from what is done by others, because you also have to realize that everyone is unique, different from others.


Whatever path you are going to, make sure that you do it a little differently than what most people do.

Good luck to have a try, friends.

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