Sometimes We Don’t Arrive At The Destination We Want, Just Believe That Every Trip Has Its Meaning.

Sometimes we don't arrive at the destination we want, just believe that every trip has its meaning.
(by: Murhot Hutagalung)

Have you ever traveled?
Surely the answer is yes.

Did you prepare it?
Yes, I have to!

Do you arrive at the destination you want?
Again the answer must be yes.

If not, then this is the reason why I wrote this article.

The journey I meant here was not just a physical journey from one location to another.

The meaning of the journey in this article is more towards the overall journey of life. It could be ideals, or just ordinary wishes.

If we talk about the trip, the result is arriving or not arriving. That's everyone's understanding. But for me, and in my understanding, all trips will arrive at "a place", which again according to my understanding "arrives where we want" or "arrives at a place we don't plan".

If we arrive at a place we want, it certainly won't be a problem, at least we won't have a problem. Problems will arise if what we want is not accomplished alias in everyday language: stray. And if we get lost, we must be disappointed.

Instead of harboring disappointment, or thinking about our "failures" to achieve a goal, why not take advantage of every event in the journey we take? Isn't it true that what we prioritize more is the process, not only the results we achieve. It could be a lot more interesting things that we encounter in our "journey" than the goals we want to achieve.

If we don't want to be disappointed, it's better that we focus more on the process than on the results.
Many more interesting things or events that we can make as motivation to achieve better results. Or at least to reduce the feeling of disappointment that we will feel if we fail to achieve what we want.

Or another possibility is that we "arrive" in a place that we don't plan for, but are actually more than our expectations.

If that happens, what is your reaction? How do you react?


In each trip we must arrive at a place. There is no word "not arrive". The difference is that we arrive at a place we want or arrive at a place that we don't plan.

But arriving at a place we don't plan doesn't always mean we fail, and what if it's more than we planned?


When we don't arrive at our intended destination, don't be disappointed, because every trip has its meaning.

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