Requirement of Issuance of SKCK (a Letter from the Police)


If you are applying for a job, you need a Certificate from the Police. The certificate is called Police Note Certificate, abbreviated (SKCK).

Before you go to the police station to take care of SKCK you should read the information below and prepare the terms specified, to prevent you back and forth from home to the police station to retrieve the documents left behind.

Here are the procedures and procedures you will go through:

SKCK was previously known as Certificate of Good Behavior (abbreviated as SKKB).

SKKB is a certificate issued by the Police which contains a criminal record of a person.

In the past, when named SKKB, this letter can only be given to people who have not / have not been recorded to commit crimes until the date of issuance of SKKB.

Police Note Certificate or SKCK is an official certificate issued by POLRI through Intelkam function to an applicant / citizen to fulfill the request of the applicant or a necessity due to the provision which requires, based on the result of biodata research and the existing Police record about the person . (Vide Regulation of the Chief of Police Number 18 of 2014)

SKCK has a validity period of up to 6 (six) months from the date of issuance. If it has passed the validity period and if deemed necessary, SKCK may be extended by the person concerned.

Procedures for obtaining SKCK


Create a New SKCK
• Bringing an Introduction Letter from the Village Office where the applicant’s domicile is located.
• Bringing a copy of ID Card / Driving License in accordance with the domicile shown in the cover letter from the Kelurahan Office.
• Bringing a copy of the Family Card.
• Bringing a copy of birth certificate / birth certificate.
• Bring the latest photographs and colored size 4 × 6 as much as 6 sheets.
• Fill out the Curriculum Vitae form provided in the police station clearly and correctly.
• Fingerprint collection by officers.


Extend the validity of SKCK
• Bringing original / legalized SKCK sheets (maximum expired for 1 year)
• Bringing a copy of ID card / driver’s license.
• Bringing a copy of the Family Card.
• Bringing a copy of birth certificate / birth certificate.
• Bring the latest photographs of color 4 × 6 size of 3 sheets.
• Fill out the SKCK renewal form provided at the police station.


Cost of Making SKCK
• Law RI No.20 of 1997 on Non-Tax Revenue (PNBP)
• RI Law No.2 Year 2002 on the Police of the Republic of Indonesia
• PP RI No.50 of 2010 on Tariffs on Non-Tax Revenue applicable
at the Polri institution
• Chief of Police Telegram Number: ST / 1928 / VI / 2010 dated June 23, 2010 on
Enactment of PP RI No.50 Year 2010

The cost of making SKCK is Rp. 10,000 (ten thousand rupiah).
The fee is paid to the police officers on-site.

• Police Station Sector does not issue SKCK for the following purposes:
– Apply / complete the administration of civil servants / CPNS.
– Making visa / other purposes that are inter-state.
• Polsek / Polres issuing SKCK must be in accordance with applicant’s identity card / driver’s license.


Thus we convey this information. Hopefully useful for you.


Source: Police Website


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