Interesting Stories Always Start From A “Dead End”.

Interesting stories always start from a "dead end".
(By: Murhot Hutagalung)

There is nothing more interesting than finding a "dead end"!
And ...
You will say I'm crazy by making a statement like that.
Absurd! Freak!
How can it be interesting to face a problem. Isn't the "dead end" identical to the problem? Because we have to find a way out?
So true!

And that's where the interesting side is. What should we do? Our reactions will be very diverse, it can be reverse direction, we can jump if it is a chasm, or climb it if it is a wall.
And in real life we must have found a "dead end" that makes us sometimes resign, surrender, or even exert all of our abilities to overcome the "dead end" (= problem) that we encounter.
It's not an easy thing, be thankful if you found or often found the "dead ends", because that's where all your abilities will come out.
And a lot of achievements were achieved because of finding a "dead end".
Nadiem Makarim, for example, with his Gojek, which now the company's value is on billion US Dollar.
Starting from the difficulty of breaking through traffic using a car to his office, Nadiem Makarim used motorcycle taxi services. In using this motorcycle taxi service, Nadiem saw that the motorcycle taxi was easily found. But, when it is needed it is very difficult to find, but when it is not needed it is often seen on the base.

Nadiem Makarim, Graduated from Harvard Business School.
The difficulty of finding a motorcycle taxi at the base made him to have a subscription motorcycle taxi. But he also found that the motorcycle taxi tariff at that time was still relatively high, where for one trip he could spent around 5 USD.
Armed with this experience, maybe, just maybe, he thought why not to coordinate the motorcycle taxi drivers which its numbers might be thousands in Jakarta. Maybe at first, he just wanted to make it easier for him. Who would have predicted that this would lead to the creation of an application called Gojek, which was again not a difficult things for people like Nadiem Makarim because he is a few who was graduate from Harvard Business School.
And in the end, the application led to businesses that in addition to collecting application fees also attracted the attention of foreign investors that made Gojek grow and develop very rapidly, even abroad.
If Vietnam is the location of its investment, perhaps it is common, because Vietnam is a developing country like Indonesia. It became extraordinary when Gojek set its foot in Singapore.
It all started with a "dead end", the difficult traffic jam of Jakarta by using car, and the difficulty of finding motorcycle taxis, as well as the expensive motorcycle taxi at that time.

"Dead end" is always interesting. And of course only applies to people who want to find a way out.
How about you? Is the "dead end" that you meet, roughly will end with a story similar to the creation of the Gojek application?
Everything is possible!
Come on, find your own "dead end". And immediately find something interesting!
Good luck! (Try your luck)

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