INSURANCE: Planning an Insurance Program


To follow an insurance program you should plan to get maximum results.

Among other things we need:

Setting Insurance Objectives.

In managing risk, there are things that are underlying, such as the possibility of damage or loss of property you have. Your decision to buy a new car should be balanced by protecting against possible loss and possible damage to the vehicle’s physical damage.

Gather information about the Insurance You Want to Follow

To be able to understand this, you should try to gather as much information as possible about everything about the insurance program, such as what or who should be insured, the types of insurance that are needed, the level of premiums, and the credibility of the insurance company.

Choose the type of insurance

Choose insurance that is in accordance with the budget planning that you have made, recalculate your insurance needs starting from the need to buy life insurance, health, then insurance that protects all your property or assets. Do it one by one and try to stay realistic with income and budget.

Evaluate the Selected Program

Think about the next two or three years or when there are changes in your life phase, such as getting married, having children, and owning your own home. The need for the sum insured in insurance will increase along with the increase in the number of people who become objects of dependence in the family or bear the life needs of your parents.

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INSURANCE: Insurance Functions and Purposes

  An accident or misfortune can happen at any time. Therefore it is good we consider to follow the insurance program, or in everyday language is said: enter insurance. It is intended to minimize or reduce the risk arising from the accident. With insurance we can transfer the risk to the insurance. In other words […]

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INSURANCE: Basic Principles of Insurance

  In the insurance agreement, there are several principles that must be understood and obeyed by both parties so that insurance coverage becomes valid, that is: Insurable Interest: It is the right to insure, arising from a financial relationship, between the insured and the insured and legally recognized. Thus, you are said to have an […]

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