If Your Age Are 30 And Above, You Should Avoid These Foods

Did you know that after you set foot at the age of 30, your body's metabolism will begin to decrease!


You need to know!




Because ...


Metabolism is related to food. And, food is an important part of the aging process! Therefore choosing the right nutrition can slow down the aging process.


Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid consuming the following types of food:



Eating without salt certainly doesn't taste. And actually all of us need salt, but we shouldn't consume too much salt.


At the age of 30, it is vulnerable to us because salt (sodium) can increase blood pressure and the risk of stroke.


It is better to avoid consuming canned foods because in general every canned food and other processed foods contain a lot of salt.



When the metabolism slows down, so does the ability to process sugar. Your body stores all those extra calories around your stomach, hips, and other fat stores.


Excess sugar causes insulin resistance which can cause infertility.


Sugar can also accelerate wrinkles and sagging skin.

Artificial sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners are always associated with cancer.


Consuming artificial sweeteners can cause a poor insulin response and increased glucose levels. Of course this will contribute to fat storage, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


Artificial sugar does not provide calories so that our bodies cannot control hunger.



Alcohol is full of calories. But at the age of 30 and above, our body will find it difficult to burn these calories.


This alcohol will increase insulin levels.


Alcohol is also about the level of sugar in your blood.



In addition to all types of sugar and additional chemicals contained in your carbonated drinks, or in lattes, it can interfere with the quality of your sleep because it contains caffeine.


Eating too much food or drinks containing caffeine can cause aging because you don't get comfortable sleep.

Brominated Vegetable Oil


Shrimp Brominated Oil can cause memory loss, nerve problems, and internal inflammation. If you have thyroid problems or fertility, you should also avoid consuming Brominated Vegetable Oil.

White flour


Our body converts white flour into glucose. And, glucose is very easily stored as fat.


White flour made from all types of fibrous foods. But whole grains are slower to be processed by our digestive system, making us feel full longer.

Trans Fat and Hydrogenated Oil


Maybe you imagine applying margarine to fresh bread, or even you consume it every morning. But did you know that after 30 years, partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated vegetable oils are not very good for your HEART because it can cause chronic inflammation.


Even in men, this trans fat can cause a decrease in fertility.


Also interfere with hormones and can reduce memory and brain function.


Reduce butter consumption so that your joints and brain do not experience interference in their function.

Processed Meat


Say no to processed meat! Nitrates are used in the process of making processed meat. But actually, Nitrate is a cancer-causing chemical in our body.


Processed meat contains very high sodium, and saturated fat. You need to know that saturated fat is not very good for HEART and your hip circles.

Coffee Creamer


Creamers are made from trans fat. Trans fat is very bad for the heart, joints, brain function, and hormones.


Easy to make and fast, Coffee Creamer turns out to contain Titanium Dioxide. And do you know that Titanium Dioxide can cause liver and tissue damage.

Canned Food in the Microwave


For those of you in your 30s and relatively busy, ready-to-eat food is probably the easiest to get. However, did you know that this type of food contains salt, sugar, and fat that is bad for your health.


Canned food usually contains MSG to make food taste good! This substance increases your appetite. In fact, the addition of salt and sugar in chemicals is a very unhealthy food.


Canned foods can cause cancer, infertility, hormonal imbalances, and are very vulnerable to increasing your weight.

Sambal and Seasoning


Soy Sauce or Saou Soybeans made from fermented soybeans. Soy Sauce or Soy Sauce contains a lot of MSG. Soy is often associated with chronic inflammation and thyroid.



In some people, soy can cause headaches.


Soybeans can also stimulate breast cancer cells.


Why should it be avoided, not least because the oil content can cause the symptoms we mentioned above.



What can we conclude?


To keep your body strong, you should reduce the use of sugar, salt, alcohol, white flour and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.


At the age of 30 we need a good type of food so that our body is kept healthy and strong. Avoiding the types of foods we mentioned above will be able to maintain the health of your heart, waist and joints, and to reduce wrinkles as you age.


You can eat well! But let's take care of our health by only consuming foods that benefit our bodies, and reducing the types of foods that make our bodies become unhealthy.


Come live healthy! Choose your food.


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