If Only You Had Ever Added ‘Something That Does Not Exist’ Into Your Vocabulary, Surely You Will Never Regret Your Shortcomings

If only you had ever added 'something that does not exist' into your vocabulary, surely you will never regret your shortcomings.

(By: Murhot Hutagalung)

N o t h i n g!


The word that we so often we say. But we don't understand the exact meaning.


'Nothing' has various meanings. The word can have the meaning of 'not having', it can also have the meaning of 'not in place', and there are still many other meanings that you can search for yourself, depending on the type of question asked to you.


The essence is that 'nothing' is an easy way to deny the existence of something or someone.


In real life, often we don't have something. Not own those things and these things. Don't have anything to be proud of. And that's normal.


But what if we don't have advantages or in other words we have shortcomings. It's up to you to interpret it physically or psychologically. It's very difficult to accept the reality. Is that right?


One thing if we understand the true meaning of the word 'no' then it will be easier for us to understand the situation we are experiencing, and it needs a process. It takes time to grow up and understand the nature of life where there are always two things that are always opposite. There are advantages and some are lacking. Some are rich and some are poor. Some are smart and some are less intelligent. Same is the existence of day and night.


If it involves ownership, where someone seems to have everything, we often mumble, oh he has no problems, he has everything.


In the opposite case if someone is lacking in financial terms, then we often assume that the person is the most miserable person in this world. Moreover, if we ourself are in the financial problems or the like.


But have you ever realized that anyone, rich or poor, always has a problem, which of course is different from each other, which if in the sense of the author that anyone must have advantages and disadvantages. We will be proud of the advantages. But will it be easy for us to acknowledge our shortcomings?


It takes a process, needs maturity, it takes life experience to be able to understand the nature of excess, lack, luck and misfortune. Only time and life will be able to give understanding to someone.


If you have ever tried to fill an empty glass, which turns out the bottom has a hole, which you are not aware of, and you continue to fill it, maybe you will be disappointed to see the glass does not go full, and you will be upset when you realize that there is a hole in the glass, the conclusion is that you will throw it to the trash can.


Have you ever thought that is very simple, to patch the bottom of the glass so that it can be used to hold water?


Or are you the type of person who will throw the glass and replace it by buying a new one?


Do you have such a foolish child that you don't recognize it as a child?


Or do you have a helpless, worn and dull old mother, so you say no when other people ask if she is your parents?


Or maybe you have a husband or wife who has properties that are not good enough to make you divorce her/him?


There are many shortcomings around us. And that can happen to us. How do we react?


If you have ever added 'something that doesn't exist' to the dictionary of your life, then you will never regret your shortcomings.


Be grateful for everything! (And everything will be fine) Okay ?!

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