I Know Someone Is Looking At Me By Using “One Eye”, It Doesn’t Matter To Me, Because I’m Not “That Small”

I know someone is looking at me by using "one eye", it doesn't matter to me, because I'm not "that small".
(By: Murhot Hutagalung)

The creator gives us a pair of eyes. A pair means two.

How wonderful it is to have a pair of eyes that work well. We can see the world perfectly. We can enjoy the beauty of the universe better.

And for the creation of the Almighty, it would be nice to be grateful by not denying His creation.


In fact, in this life, often, or there are those who do not use God's creation properly. A pair of beautiful eyeballs is only used "one eyeball". Underestimate on others can prove that someone only uses one eye to judge. In reality, the existence of a person is not solely due to the assets owned, or their status in life.

Disparage on other people because someone feels better in position than others, whether in the social strata or position in work, will only show that you are the one-eyed user who is a dwarf who does not respect others and is not grateful for what He has given to you.

Let's learn to appreciate God's creation. Let's use God's creation well. Please use both eyes to judge other people, whatever their work, how low their position is in social status, and even though they have nothing to be proud of.

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