How Many Countries Are In The World?


How many countries are in the world?


Up to now, there are 197 countries in the world.


There are 193 countries of the UN members, which are independent countries and recognized worldwide.


Meanwhile Vatican and Palestine are the UN observers, which considered as countries because the UN observer status confirms the certain degree of their international recognition.


Eventhough China claims that Taiwan is a part of its internal territory, Taiwan is considered as a country due to wide recognition. (recognized by 17 countries, the :16 UN members and one UN observer).


Almost at the same case, Serbia insist that Kosovo is its autonomous province, but due to recognition by many countries, Kosovo can be considered as a country. (officially recognized by 102 UN states and by Taiwan).

Above is our opinion. If there is an incorrect information above, we are pleased to be corrected by all of you as a reader, or by a competent international body.


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