Happiness Is Just A Matter Of Time. If We Persevere, Sincere And Patience, That Time Will Come

Happiness is just a matter of time.
If we persevere, sincere and patience,
that time will come.
(By: Murhot Hutagalung)

Maybe you've seen the fact that good people aren't always filled with luck, and bad people are always visited by abundance.


If you are a good person and have not been visited by luck, do not be discouraged, it could be the real test.


Conversely, if on this day your life is sufficient and by chance your way of life is not right, it does not mean you have to continue with such a lifestyle. Rest assured that it is your provision to understand life in the future if the opposite thing approaches you.


The earth is round. And spinning. Likewise with life.


If today you are very well-off, and as if nothing else is lacking for you, just believe it that one day  will come when it will be taken from your life. No one can guarantee the future.


Meanwhile, many of us today are still lacking, be assured that one day the time will pass, as long as we are sincere, patient and diligent in living this life, happiness will come over, somehow, because actually it is beyond our reason . Because in  principle it is a gift, not our own results or effort.


Like day and night, life will always change. We never know that even in the sunny day, rain and storms can occur. And no storm will not stop.


Whatever life you live in, like whatever comfort you receive at the moment, and the shortcomings that you have today, let's try to understand that life is like a spinning wheel that we are on one side, will rotate surround an axis that will make us sometimes at the bottom and at other times will be at the top. We can only wait for their turn. And waiting for it requires patience.


What you get today is not something that you will still get later on. Be prepared for the opposite.


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