Don’t Eat Too Late, Because …


Dinner is something romantic! (If done by a pair of lovers.)


Dinner can also be the most beautiful moment, in friendship.


Or it could also be a chance to reach a business opportunity, when a seller or marketer having dinner with his client.




But do you know that having dinner after 19:00 or later than 19:30 can harm your health?


The following are the consequences of having dinner too late:


Can Increase Your Weight


Storage of fat in the body will increase, if we eat too late, because it will change the body clock that disrupts digestion, and can increase the risk of obesity, which in the end the body can not use fat properly, causing excessive fat retention.


Increase cholesterol levels


Cholesterol increases can occur suddenly because eating too late and damaging the circadian clock.

And certainly dinner too late will reduce the body's metabolic ability which leads to increased cholesterol levels.


Blood Sugar Fluctuations


Insulin levels will fluctuate and change when we eat too late, because the body's sensivisiveness is lowest at night. Or in other words, blood sugar control will be more difficult at night. The tendency is that blood sugar levels will also increase.


Memory Problems


The habit of eating too late can affect memory and cognitive function.

In addition, it can make the brain's ability to be limited, and can affect the circadian clock.


Risk of inflammation


Too late dinner and eat too much can directly increase inflammation in the body. The more calories consumed after 5 PM will increase the level of C-reactive Protein.

And it is necessary to know that C-reactive protein is a protein produced by the liver, especially when there is an infection or inflammation in the body.


Acid Influx


Dinner before bedtime can increase stomach acid called acid reflux.

Another effect caused by too late dinners is heart disease and chest pain.




Your body's health, one of which is influenced by your diet, besides the type of food you consume, and of course influenced by the quality of your sleep.


It is best to have dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed, so that the food consumed does not rise back into the esophagus.


All is up to you. want to enjoy your dinner? or want to be healthy? Or do you want both?


If you want to be having an enjoyable dinner and also healthy at the same time, then please have your dinner in the afternoon, (come on, I am just kidding), do not having your dinner too late, having it at 19:00 or no later than 19:30, is okay.


Enjoy your dinner.


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