This morning, the second day of sports on the beach, in the context of a personal program to maintain health.


Why. Yes, why.


Why do you have to exercise on the beach?


Why should it be in the morning, and many other reasons to ask about this activity. And finally why you have to exercise.


Finally this question I must answer first.


Yes, healthy. The main goal is for health. Because after all health is the most valuable thing in this life.


I have seen a video of an insurance company that clearly explains that health is the most valuable asset. Regardless of the main purpose of the insurance is to get customers to follow their insurance program, and obviously solely for their benefit. And I really respect what they do, because from their exposure in the video it is very clear that health can not replaced even by a lot of money. And I'm inspired, because, not only it makes me have my own exercise program, but it also becomes an idea and a thought to produce this article. Once again I am very grateful for the exposure of the insurance company.


It is very different from the advertisements of food producers on television, especially fast food restaurants that advertise their chicken delights, even though they have never explained the effect of eating the carbite chicken every day for a long period of time.


We never imagined the side effects of eating chicken that grow and develop from food containing drugs, where the chicken will develop into an adult chicken in just 1 month, and in its life the chickens never 'move' at all from the cage.


Similarly, cigarette companies offer interesting things that are not related to the losses they cause, to attract buyers to consume cigarettes which can cause cancer, heart disease or other deadly diseases.


That's just one thing. It turns out that there are many other things that I can extract from their video shows. By exercising I hope to be healthier. And next it turns out when I exercise in the morning on the beach I can observe many things. The coastline changes every day. Wave swings that are not always the same and are not related to time, because the waves do not automatically have the same pattern for the same hour. Morning waves will not always be the same at the same time the next day. Sometimes it's very calm. It can also be very turbulent, as the wind blows and the power that accompanies it.


There we also understand the existence of the Creator, so little we are, that we are no different from the grains of sand in the sea, which are knocked down by waves to the shore and then dragged it back into the ocean. And at that moment we must not be careless and joke. Fear will come when the waves come bigger. Loneliness, alone on the beach, bathing, swimming raises its own fears that make us have to be careful, and ask permission from nature not to be dragged into the waves and bring us to the middle of the sea.


Another reason I can't explain is that why in the morning and why should you go to the beach. Incidentally, or actually is His plan. Why should it be in the morning, because that's the time before leaving for office. And why on the beach, because that's where I can run and swim without having to pay.




If I have to explain a little about the contents of the insurance company video, the content is about people who are willing to spend tens of millions or even hundreds millions dollar to buy a house. About people who spend tens of millions to buy a car. About women who want to spend thousands dollar just for a bag. Or we who want to buy the latest gadget worth hundreds even thousands dollar. And buy expensive clothes. All that is normal.


But to spend hundreds dollar or even just tens dollar for our health we tends to think twice, or even many times, because they feel it is too expensive. Even though to make a house more comfortable, you still have to spend thousands dollars. Likewise for vehicle maintenance. In fact, we think of Gadget protectors so they don't get scratched and get damaged quickly.


If you buy expensive clothes we can prove it with a purchase receipt. Car purchases are proven by book of ownership of motorized vehicles and vehicle registration certificate, and the house is proven by a certificate. What is the value or price of the man himself? It can only be proven by health!


Even though health is actually the most valuable asset. Health is not inheritance. Health is a treasure.


What is the most expensive bed. Not a bed made of teak wood or even made of gold. The most expensive bed is a hospital bed.


If the driver can replace us driving a car. If as entrepreneurs we can hire people to make money for us. Don't expect someone to replace you to feel the pain you are experiencing. Besides no one wants it, it is also impossible.


If the lost items we can find again. Or even if we want to replace it, we can buy a new one.


But there is one thing that is irreplaceable, namely LIFE. So let's take care of our health.


If the insurance company associates it with their insurance product, I can only invite you to exercise.


Come on, be healthy together.


Come on, exercise.


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