BPJS: Participant Registration Procedure BPJS Kesehatan (Provision of Health Social Security)

A. Registration for Beneficiaries of Contribution / PBI

The Data Collection of Poor and Disadvantaged Persons participating in PBI is conducted by an agency conducting Government affairs in the field of statistics (Badan Pusat Statistik) verified and validated by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In addition to the PBI participants set by the Central Government, there are also residents who are registered by the Regional Government based on the Governor / Regent / Mayor Decree for the local government that integrates the Jamkesda program into the JKN program.


B. Registration For Wage Workers / PPU Workers

1. Company / Business Entity shall register all employees and their family members to BPJS Health Office by enclosing:

a. Registration Form of Business Entity / Other Legal Entity

b. Data Migration of employees and family members in the format specified by BPJS Health.

2. Company / Business Entity receives Virtual Account number (VA) for payment to Bank that has cooperated (BRI / Mandiri / BNI)

3. Evidence Payment of contributions shall be submitted to the Office of BPJS Kesehatan to be placed JKN card or print e-ID independently by the Company / Business Entity.

C. Registration For Non-Wage Workers / Non-Worker / Non-Wage Workers

* Registration of PBPU and Non-Workers

1. Prospective participants register individually in BPJS Health Office

2. Register all family members in the Family Card

3. Fill out the Participant’s Field List (DIP) form by attaching:

– Photocopy of Family Card (KK)

– Photocopy of ID card / passport, each 1 sheet

– Photocopy of a Savings Book of one of the participants in the Family Card

– 3 x 4 photographs, one piece each.

4. After registering, prospective participants obtain Virtual Account Number (VA)

5. Make payment of dues to a cooperating Bank (BRI / Mandiri / BNI)

6. Proof of payment of dues submitted to the office of BPJS Health to be put JKN card. Registration other than the BPJS Health Office, can be through BPJS Health website

* Non-Worker Registration Through a Legally Entity Entity (Retired BUMN / BUMD)

The registration process of pensioners whose pension funds are managed by a legal entity may be registered collectively through a legal entity that is by filling out the registration form and the participant data migration form.


Source: Brochure BPJS


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