Benefits of Exercise for Your Health


Do you know the benefits of exercise that you do?


You should know!


Do you exercise to lose your weight? Some of us do it for that purpose.


But do you know that exercise is not only for weight loss. And also not only for the athletic look. Exercise more than that.


Exercising regularly can improve your physical abilities and also improve the quality of your health.


The following are some of the benefits that you will get for health improving if you exercise regularly.


Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones


Exercise can help build your bones and muscles to make them stronger. And that does not only apply to young people. But it also applies to all ages, and we can get it throughout our lives.
Exercise will strengthen your bones and your muscles so that you can better protect yourself from the risk of fractures, also to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


Improve Your Immune System


Exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect on our body so that it will enhance the immune system.
Even though our bodies need inflammation, but if too much, can cause autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis.
Research has shown that exercise can reduce the risk of cancer such as cancer Bowls because by exercising the food will be moved faster through our bodies. And that means, dangerous chemicals can be released more quickly. Exercising will also reduce the risk of breast cancer, because exercise will reduce estrogen levels.


Prevent Aging Damage


As we get older, our muscles will naturally weaken, as do our bones.

The aging process will also lead to an easier risk of fracture.
Exercising will strengthen bones and muscles, so the possibility of fractures can be further reduced.
And for you to know that exercise is the best antiaging treatment.


Lowering Your Blood Sugar Level


Maybe you are asking how to effectively reduce blood sugar levels. Then the answer is to exercise.
By exercising, it will burn sugar faster in the blood, and will reduce glucose levels in the blood as a whole. It will also increase the body's sensitivity to insulin, which means that glucose is used more effectively.
So if you lose weight because of exercise, it will reduce your body's need for insulin.


Resist Mental Illness


Maybe we think that by exercising we will get physical health only. That is a wrong opinion. It turns out that exercise can also improve our mental health, including the fight against signs of depression and symptoms of anxiety, by changing chemicals in our brain.


Exercise can keep us active so that it gives us confidence and increases our self-esteem that is greater, so that it will affect our minds towards a more positive direction.


Improve your cardiovascular function


And one thing that is certain and has been widely proven is that exercise can help the cardiovascular system, which includes lowering blood pressure, helping to work against blood clots and reducing the risk of heart disease.




So there are many advantages that we get by doing sports activities regularly, as I mentioned above. But if in your opinion, something is missed from the points I mentioned above, you can add it in the comments column, so that other readers can take advantage of your knowledge that miss from the author's observation.


Happy exercise. And don't forget to submit your opinion in the comments column. thanks.


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