Be Grateful For Everything You Have. Because There Are People Who Remain Grateful Even Though They Don’t Have Anything

Be grateful for everything you have.
Because there are people who remain grateful even though they don't have anything.

(By: Murhot Hutagalung)

How often do we say, "I don't have this, I don't have that"?


Hmm. Not so often. Once we mumble in our hearts.


We always try to deny anything that is negative from us. Even though what we actually do is improbity to ourselves.

Okay, then if the question then arises, "Are you grateful for what you have now?"


"I'm thankful!", An affirmation that seemed forced.


If this is the case, just answer this question in your heart, no need to disclose. Are you happy with your condition?


Your answer will again say, "I'm happy!"


Okay. Then do you accept your shortcomings? Not too high for example? (the real question: do you feel too short?)


Or questions like this; Are you too fat? Hearing the word 'fat', we are already feeling offended.


Did you know that the 2 questions above will always leave regret for us. Too short will prevent us from being a police or soldier. And too fat will be a mockery and mockery in our environment.


Oh my God, this world isn't fair! we shouted to ourselves.




If you have ever lived or traveled to Jakarta, the capital of this country, you will see that everything is there. The excess. That lacks.


Excessive need not be discussed.


Did you know that in Jakarta there are people who live under bridges! Do you live in the house? (If so thankful)


Did you know that in Jakarta there are those who can live to scavenge a trash can! Do you eat rice and side dishes? (If so thankful)


Did you know that in Jakarta there are those who sleep in carts! Do you sleep at home protected from the cold of the night and the noise of mosquitoes in your ears? (If so thankful)




In this life we ​​cannot have all the advantages. Everyone always has shortcomings that may be controls so that we remain grounded. If we have everything we might live in the 'air'.




There are events that might be a reference for all of us.


One time someone came to a Pastor trying to ask why I have a lack of not having the ability to lead others. If I could and have that advantage, I would definitely not be like this, living in poverty. The inability to lead makes me unable to perform optimally from the potential that I have.


This question actually arises when he is in college. He never asks others why he can't be like someone who has the talent to lead. what he does is try to find answers from various books. And the question was never answered.


Things that remain a question for him at almost 50 years of age. Long enough to know an answer.


The books have been devoured only to find out why. And during that time he could not accept the situation why he had "no" ability to lead. He was never satisfied and continued to look for answers. He regretted his situation. And he continues to learn to be able to change, but he still can't.


Until a statement stops his steps to ask again why he has that deficiency.


"It's inborn." Gosh, if he had known it for sure, he would never try to be someone else. He must be trying to be himself. Trying to be able to accept whatever he is.


And the Pastor has stopped his steps to stop asking why he has that deficiency.


In the end he accepted who he was. Accept the fact that he will not be able to become a leader.


Are we still trying to find out our shortcomings, if we already know that the answer is inborn?


Come on, let's accept whatever we are.


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