english.dabuanbodil.com is the name of the website that you are reading. The name which author gave to recognize this website on the internet.

Its content is diverse; starting from stock information, bank codes exchange rates information, and author opinions. There are also about economics and finance.

Inspired by a failure, Dabuan Bodil is actually the name of a natural bathing place in Kolang, Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra.

The background is: the author did not succeed in making this place that had been a scrub into a tourist spot. The author fails to make the dream come true. And the failure was so imprinted that finally the author took another point of view, using the name of the place to be the name of this website with one hope and belief that if the writer did not succeed in that case, there were still other opportunities to remain creative, if not in making a tourist spot , maybe to write about tourist attractions, or other things, and other thoughts, because after all, a failure cannot make us giving-up.

And, finally the name lifted by the writer, to be a platform to write down what the author felt, in the past, now, and thoughts related to the future. And that can be a truth, or maybe just a form of imagination that the author considers to have meaning for the author himself, or maybe for someone else.

The author has a belief, that failure in the past is not a certainty of the future. It could be that past failures are a foundation for a better future. At least that is in my mind, because as what I believe, failure does not have to make us give up. Precisely failure must be the basis for doing better, for yourself, and if possible for others. And if that does not directly affect the lives of others, at least provide a new perspective for anyone who believes in that truth.

Keep doing something, because the author has a belief, whatever we do will never be in vain. Even a small step we make is a process towards a better life.

So if you don't get what you imagined today, still believe that anything needs time and process.

And we need some time to understand ourselves. Also to understand other people.

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