3 Things We Can Learn From a Steve Job (Part II)


Second: Love and Loss


Steve Job started Apple from the garage of his parents' house, when he was still 20 years old.


With hard work, within a period of 10 years, the company which started with 2 people, could be developed by Steve Job to become a company worth 2 billion dollars with around 400 employees. They successfully launched a product called Macinstosh.


And ...


Steve Job was fired!


How could Steve Job be fired from the company he started?


Steve Job said that in line with the development of Apple, he hired someone who he thought was very talented to accompany him to lead the company. And in the first year, everything went smoothly. But the views of both of them were no longer in the same direction, and the company went bankrupt.


Then the Board of Directors and the person appointed by Steve Job led the company opposite Steve Job.




Steve Job really got out of what he started himself!


In a few months, he really didn't know what to do.




How Steve Job as the founder of Apple, was later dismissed from the company he built himself. It's not easy! We can imagine, or try to feel how painful it is if it happens to us. Even Steve Job admitted it.


But that's the distinction of Steve Job! He said he still loved what he had done (started). He was rejected, but he still loved his job. And, he started again.


And look at how then Steve Job interpreted his dismissal from Apple as his best moment.




5 Years later he founded a company named Next. Then Pixar, the world's first animated computer film maker, and still the best to date. And another thing is, according to his confession, he fell in love with a woman, who eventually became his wife.


How can we be wasted from what we started? But for him it was an event that made him better.


Do you know what he said about the consequences of his dismissal from Apple?


Pixar and Next will never exist if he were not fired from the company he founded.


Surprisingly Apple then bought Next, a company founded by Steve Job after being fired from Apple. And here's the way Steve Job returns to Apple.


And the technology developed at Next is a technology that later became a new form of Apple today.




Sometimes life can be very cruel, plunging us down, but don't lose faith. What keeps us going, is, when you love what you do. You have to find what you love.


And to be truly satisfied, is doing what you believe is a great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.


If you haven't found it yet, look for it!


You will never know, until you find it.


Keep looking. Do not ever stop!


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