3 Things We Can Learn From a Steve Job (Part I)

Do you know Steve Job?


Perhaps, most of you already know who Steve Job is. But, well, if some of you do not know Steve Job, it's good for me to tellĀ  you through the results of his work.


Steve Job is the founder of Apple.


And if you are an Iphone user, you certainly know the designer, and that is Steve Job.


Long before the iPhone shows up, you might have heard or even used a product called Ipad. It is also the work of a Steve Job.


Do you know Walkman? Well, this isn't the work of Steve Job! It is Sony as the maker.


But if you have ever used a Walkman and enjoyed it while jogging, or running around in the afternoon, or accompanying you before going to bed, you will be surprised that Steve Job thinks of a bigger thing for your pleasure, by making a tool that works the same as a Walkman, but with a smaller size, and that can accommodate thousands of songs. Steve Job named it Ipod.


And, there are still many "and" others, to tell you how he always strives to make us enjoy life better.


And the next is how Steve Job tries to help us to be able to keep using computers, not only at home, but also on trips, or maybe when relaxing on the beach, or anywhere, through his invention called Ipad.


The other next is how he tried to combine Ipod, Ipod Touch and Ipad functions into a gadget called the Iphone!


Not only that. Steve Job also created the Apple Watch to make us easier to communicate.


Do you also know, that even before Steve Job had made a computer called Macintosh. Maybe you rarely hear it, because it's less on Indonesian market. You are more familiar with computers that use Windows as their Operating System. And one thing that was surprising, Steve Job said that Windows was just a copy of Macintosh.


It is interesting to know someone who has achievements, moreover that person can change the world through the results of his work. What is his thinking, his attitude, his passion, which makes him different from others.


In a speech at graduation at Stanford University, Steve Job said there were 3 things that happened and got attention in his life.



First: Connecting the dots


Dropping out of college is one of the big events experienced by a Steve Job. What makes most of us interpret it as an inability to face lectures.


But this is not the case with Steve Job. Steve Job's drop out is his choice, for his own reasons.


According to Steve Job, it was an event that he had to live before he was even born.


He said, his parents put him on the adoption list before he was even born. His mother wanted Steve Job to be able to continue his education to college and was cared for by educated people. His parents are not educated. Her mother was too young to give birth and might feel unable to send him to college, because her mother had never received a name for her college.


Before Steve Job was born even his mother had registered him on the child's waiting list for adoption. And at that time there was other people who wanted a daughter to be adopted. And at the time he was born, his mother told him that the child born was a boy. However, the person still adopted Steve Job.


The reality is that Steve Job's adoptive parents also did not complete college education. Therefore his mother was not willing to give Steve Job to be adopted. Only because of the promise of his adoptive mother who said that Steve Job would be going to college so that his mother then gave Steve Job to be adopted.


But then, according to Steve Job, he could not bear to see his adoptive parents spend their savings only to send him to college, until he decided to leave or Drop out.


That's Steve Job, who never gave up on the situation.


Then he went to a campus where all the writing was directed, or even almost all the writing on the campus was neatly and beautifully handwritten. Then Steve Job joined the Calligraphy course.


And this is where Steve Job began to find things that later changed his destiny. Learning Typography turned out to be something that was very useful in developing the first Macintosh computer. And the work that we see today is in Macintosh and Windows, Serif, San Serif and other types of letters that we see today are the work of a Steve Job.


Steve Job decided to take the Calligraphy class. There he studied the letters Serif and San Serif. Study the types of letters that are not even necessarily practical. But it turned out that 10 years later, when designing the first macintosh, everything became useful. The letters are put into the Macintosh.


If only Steve Job had never dropped out, he would never have studied Typography. That means we will never see the types of letters that are owned by computers that exist today.


What can we conclude?


So what we can learn from what happened to Steve Job is that we have to believe that those points will connect our future.

According to Steve Job, we cannot connect the dots if we look ahead. We can only connect these points when we look back (past).


You must believe that your destiny, destiny, life and karma, or whatever it is. Because by believing it, it turns out that the points will be connected, will give you confidence to follow your heart.

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