One Extra Hour Will Take You Wherever You Want.

(By: Murhot Hutagalung)



One Extra Hour can take us wherever we want ?!


It's an exaggeration. Better say  even a hard work sometimes it doesn't take us anywhere.


There is nothing wrong with the 2 sentences above.


But there are things that distinguish the results that you will achieve by applying those statements.


Viewpoint. Perception. Thought and desire will make it different.


It is true that hard work will not take us anywhere, if we do it without passion, without strong desires and a shadow of success in the future.


One Extra Hour, it won't take you anywhere, if at the start you don't set the goal you want to achieve. That's in the opinion of people who have done something with 1 Extra Hour. One Extra Hour to do what we want to achieve by providing about 1 hour every day. If anyone who has succeeded in doing so says that they really can achieve what they want by pursuing one thing, whatever, 1 hour every day. Some reached it for 5 years.


Oo 5 years? That's the way you react. No wonder, 5 years , of course we can. It is possible. But do you dare to spend your extra time for 1 hour a day continuously. Perhaps you have given up when you hear "the hard work" terms.


But if you just want to start, spend an extra hour every day, to do whatever you want, whatever you want to achieve, you will be surprised by the results you will achieve.


Mumbo Jumbo! Has the author done an extra 1 hour every day to get what he wants? Just a theory! Everyone can if they only talk. That's right, everybody can, if only talking.


I made this paper, inspired by a show on YouTube, which I actually did not see, but I heard, because I did it by using a headset while doing  a little running in the morning around my place of residence.


I myself am committed to mild exercise in the morning every day, after recovering from a fever that is enough to torture myself to do activities. Fever is not a chronic disease, but it is very annoying because it causes the entire body to feel sore and uncomfortable. Imagine that you don't feel good, hot,  nervous. Sitting feels not strong. Not to mention not having to go to the office. Also because we can't do activities that we normally do as usual. Things that make ourselves more tormented.


And without realizing I have done an extra hour every day, for the purpose of achieving physical health. Then I feel that while doing these activities, what other things can benefit me? Then I tried to open Youtube so that I could get other benefits from morning walking. And I tried to find topics that in my opinion would benefit me. It's just the beginning, but I want to prove what I heard from YouTube, that 1 extra hour can bring us to whatever we want.

Then I remembered another incident in the past, about 3 years ago, when I was about to wake up my feet felt stiff, sore and seemed unable to stand up, even to step my foot, it hurt, feel like puncture by a needle. Half desperate, because I thought, "it's crazy just in my 40's, I have been sick." I was a little depressed, imagine a stroke. Geez if that happens, what's the use of life? Will not the disease hinder any physical activity? Also the desire to do something. Depends on other people? The mind rages, and doesn't want that to happen. The author then tried to find a solution on the internet. Google provides a solution. The question that came to my mind was answered when I tried to find help with Google search. And from the characteristics of the pain that I experienced, I concluded that I had symptoms of Gout.


Long story short, I am determined to take care of my health by exercising in the morning and maintaining my diet. And also maintain weight. I got the solution from the results of "Googling" on the internet.


For almost 3 months I had a strict diet by eating potatoes 3 times a day; morning, afternoon and evening. White rice only occasionally. Milk is a taboo for me, even I avoid sweet tea. Very unpleasant situation. How not if you go to a stall to meet friends and chat without being accompanied by coffee or sweet tea, it feels really unfriendly. Many foods that eventually become taboo. Nuts, Viscera Meat, Shrimp, Squid, this delicious food becomes a taboo enough to make yourself tormented. Plus you have to consume, for example bay leaves, celery and ginger to reduce pain and the healing process of gout. As a result, the symptoms of the disease disappear after a strict diet and exercise for 3 months.


Not an easy process, but I managed to get past it.

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