We must feel the sharpness of 'gravel' to understand life.
(By: Dabuan Bodil)

Have you ever done exercise in the morning on foot or running?
If you have ever, then after that exercise your body will feel fresh and comfortable. A Conclusion that need not be questioned that it is true.
Now what I want to discuss here is not that you feel refreshed or not after the morning exercise. What I want to highlight here is whether you do these activities using shoes or not.

Our habit in doing exercising is to protect ourselves from possible injury. And that's why we use shoes. And everything will be fine. Is that right?
If this is the case, what if you walk or run in morning without using footwear?. In other words you do it with bare feet.
You will never know if you don't try. Forget trying or not trying. Let's use our common sense, that if we run or walk barefoot it will definitely hurt the soles of the feet. Gravel on the streets will pierce the soles of your feet.

The pain will be felt in a few times when you run the morning. If you are observant, observe that the pain will begin to decrease after you get used to it. And after that you will feel more comfortable running in the morning without using footwear!

In this life, we often avoid things that can reduce our comfort. We always hope that life will always be ideal, always finding good things as we expect.
Bad luck will always be. "Gravel" cannot be avoided. Because we will not always find "smooth asphalt" on every road we take.


"Pebbles" in life are things we will always meet. And the gravel puncture will be painful. But without "gravel" we won't know how sweet this life feels. "Gravel" is a spice that makes our lives more colorful and so that we are always grateful for the smooth road we go through.

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