Types of Services Provided By Integrated Police Service Centers

Police provide services to the community.

Such services may be in the form of assistance or assistance, as well as in the receipt and handling of the first report or complaint.

The service is handled by Integrated Police Service Center, abbreviated SPKT.

The types of services provided by SPKT include:

  1. Police Note Certificate (SKCK) 
  2. Driver’s License (SIM) 
  3. Permission Letter of Peace 
  4. Letter of Vehicle Registration Number (STNK) 
  5. Certificate of Report (SKLD)
  6. Lost Sign Certificate (SKTLK) 
  7. Letter of Recommendation Business Service License Observation
  8. Letter of Receipt of Police Report (STTPLP)
  9. Notification of Progress Report (SP2HP)
  10. Letter of Receipt of Notice (STTP)
  11. Police Report (LP) 


To get the service, you can go to Police Station Sector or Police Resort where you are domiciled.


Source: Police Website


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