Terms of Issuance of a SIM (Driver’s License)


Do you want to create a New SIM?

Or replace the expired SIM?

Here we inform you the terms and procedures that should be done:



Driver’s License is a proof of registration and identification provided by the Police to a person who has met administrative, physical and mental health requirements, understands traffic rules and is skilled at driving a motor vehicle.

Functions and Roles

• As a means of identification / identity of a person
• As evidence
• As a means of forced efforts
• As a means of community service

Every motor vehicle driver is required to have a driver’s license. This Regulation is contained in Article 18 (1) of Law no. 14 Th 1992 on Road Traffic and Transportation, that every motor vehicle driver in the region is required to have a Driver’s License (SIM).


Requirements of applicant SIM (Article 217 (1) PP 44/93)

1. Written application
2. Can read and write
3. Have knowledge of road traffic rules and basic motor vehicle techniques.
4. Age limit:
• 16 Years for C-Class License
• 17 Years for A Class License
• 20 Years for BI / BII Class License
5. Skillful driving a motor vehicle
6. Physically and mentally healthy
7. Pass the theory and practice exams


SIM issuance fee (PP 50/2010)

1. SIM A
– New SIM A: Rp 120,000
– Extend SIM A: Rp 80,000
2. SIM B1
– New SIM B1 Making: Rp 120.000
– Extend SIM B1: Rp 80,000
3. SIM B2
– New SIM B2 Making: Rp 120.000
– Extend SIM B2: Rp 80,000
4. SIM C
– New SIM C: Rp 100,000
– Extend SIM C: Rp 75.000
5. SIM D (Persons with disabilities / special needs)
– New SIM D Making: Rp 50,000
– Extend SIM D: Rp 30,000
6. International Driving Licenses
– New International Driving License: Rp 250,000
– Extend International SIM: Rp 225,000

Legal basis

1. Law no. 2 Yrs. 2002
• Article 14 paragraph (1) b
• Article 15 paragraph (2) c
2. Government Regulation no. 44/1993 Article 216


Use of the SIM Class (Article 211 (2) PP 44/93)

SIM A group
Driving license for 4-wheeled motor vehicle with a permitted weight of no more than 3,500 Kg.

SIM A Special Class
Driving license for 3-wheeled vehicle with car body (Kajen VI) used for transporting people / goods (not motorbike by side trains)

SIM B1 group
Driving license for motor vehicles with a permissible weight of more than 1,000 Kg.

SIM B2 group
Driving license for motorized vehicles using buggy carriages with a permissible weight of more than 1,000 Kg.

SIM C class
Driving license for motorized 2-wheeled vehicles designed at speeds of more than 40 Km / hour

Class of SIM D
Special driver license for drivers with disabilities / special needs.


Improved driving license (Article 217 (2) 44/93)

• SIM A has 12 months for SIM BI / SIM A General
• BI / AU SIM has 12 months for SIM BII / SIM BI General
• BII / BIU SIM has 12 months for General BII SIM


The procedures and terms of the SIM mutation (Article 224 PP 44/93)

  1. Procedure out the old area
    Unplug the file and document of the parent card from the original Satlantas and attach a cover letter from Kasubbag SIM.
    b. Attach Identity Card (KTP) of the intended area.
    c. Reporting to the Head of the Satuan Lantas (Kasatlantas) unit.
  2. New area entry procedure
    Certificate of Physical and Spiritual Health from the doctor (medical check up)
    b. Attaching Identity Card (KTP)
    c. Attach a master card or cover letter from Satlantas who issued the driver’s license
    d. The applicant pays the form fee at Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) or Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)
    e. Fill out the application form


Requirements to take care of lost or damaged MIS (Article 255 PP 44/93)

a. Certificate of Physical and Spiritual Health from the doctor (medical check up)
b. Bringing a letter of loss of SIM
d. Applicant pays the form fee at Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) or
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)
d. Fill out the application form
e. Attaching Identity Card (KTP)

SIM is declared null and void (Article 230 PP 44/93)

1. SIM expires
2. Used by others
3. Obtained by unauthorized means
4. The existing data on the SIM is changed


Thus we convey this information. Hopefully useful for you.


Source: Police Website


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