Measurements In Sports: Football

FOOTBALL Standard Measurements used in Football   Length of field: 120 yards (including 10 yards of end zone at each end). Width of field: 53 1/3 yards (160 feet). Height of goal posts: At least 30 feet. Height of crossbar: 10 feet. Width of goal posts (above crossbar): 18 feet 6 inches, inside to inside. […]

Measurements In Sports: Basketball

BASKETBALL Standard Measurements used in Basketball   Playing court: College: 94 feet long by 50 feet wide (ideal dimensions). High School: 84 feet long by 50 feet wide (ideal dimensions). Baskets: Rings 18 inches in inside diameter, with white cord 12-mesh nets, 15 to 18 inches in length. Each ring is made of metal, is […]

Measurements In Sports: Tennis

TENNIS Standard Measurements used in Tennis   Size of court: 120 feet long by 60 feet wide, with rectangle marked off at 78 feet long by 27 feet wide (singles) and 78 feet long by 36 feet wide (doubles). Height of net: 3 feet in center, gradually rising to reach 3-foot 6-inch posts at a […]

Measurements In Sports: Hockey

HOCKEY Standard Measurements used in Hockey   Size of rink: 200 feet long by 85 feet wide surrounded by a wooden wall not less than 40 inches and not more than 48 inches above level of ice. Size of goal: 6 feet wide by 4 feet in height. Puck: 1 inch thick and 3 inches […]

Measurements In Sports: Baseball

BASEBALL Standard Measurements used in Baseball   Home plate to pitcher’s box: 60 feet 6 inches. Plate to second base: 127 feet 3 3/8 inches. Distance from base to base (home plate included): 90 feet. Size of bases: 15 inches by 15 inches. Pitcher’s plate: 24 inches by 6 inches. Batter’s box: 4 feet by […]