Success comes from within ourself. Because basically we are created to be able to do something, and, success!

(By: Dabuan Bodil)

You may think that SUCCES are:


* We work in a field that we like.


* Actualize our thoughts


* Not having to work from 8 in the morning to 5 on the afternoon


* Do something we like and with people we love


* Wake up in the morning feeling happy


* Work and create something together with our loved ones


* Helping others and making money


* Do something according to the bugdet


* Own art items


* When other people like and buy products that we make


* Able to buy goods that we really want


* Have your own schedule


* Can work wherever we want


* Millions of people who are happy with our products


* Can go wherever we want


* Do the work we are proud of and make a difference


* Change the way people think about how to eat healthy food or exercise


* Giving back to the community


* Spread optimism to the refugees


* Creating something useful for future generations.


Too many to be listed.




I am sure, one of my descriptions above is in your mind. Or maybe you have done it or experienced it.


If not, look for it and find it yourself that can make you successful.


Because ...


Success comes from within ourself. Don't let other people think about it for you.


Because basically we are created to be able to do something, and, success!




However you define the meaning of success, one thing you must remember is:


"Never be afraid to fail".


Because success in a broad sense is able to defeat our fear of anything.


Come on, friend, do something, which you really like, do it with a strong desire, because success is the way we define the meaning of success.


Once again, "NEVER FEAR FAILED!"

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