Rules of Demonstration


Demonstration is not forbidden!

The State guarantees the safety of the participants by issuing Law no. 9 Th 1998 on Freedom of Expression of Public Opinion.

However, that does not mean that demonstration can be done carelessly and as you likes. Demonstration must meet the established rules.

If you misunderstand and misinterpret the demonstration, you can be a suspect, and sentenced.

Therefore, before conducting a demonstration, please read the following information and conditions from the police as follows.


Licensing of Public Opinion Opinion



a. Purpose and objectives
b. Location and Route
c. Time and Length of Implementation
d. Form
e. Person in charge
f. Name and Address of Organization, Group and Individual.
g. The display tool used
h. Number of participants

Forms of Public Opinion:

a. Demonstration
b. Parade
c. General meeting
d. Free Tribune


Terms and Conditions :

• Public Opinion is delivered in the open and does not carry anything that could endanger public safety.

• The cancellation of the submission of public opinion shall be submitted in writing no later than 24 hours prior to the execution.

• Upon receipt of a notice regarding the submission of the views in advance the Police must:

a. Provide a note receipt
b. Coordinate with the person responsible for public opinion submission
c. Coordinate with the leaders, agencies / institutions that the purpose of the delivery of opinions
d. Prepare the security of the location and route of the route.
e. Responsible for protecting participants in public opinion
f. Responsible for organizing Security.

• Sanctions obtained if not in accordance with the provisions include:

a. Disbanded if it does not meet the conditions
b. Unlawful conduct in wearing penalty sanctions in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation.
c. Responsible person commits a criminal offense, in criminal law in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation plus one-third of the principal penalty.
d. Anyone with violence / threat in public opinion shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of 1 (one) year.


Law no. 9 Th 1998 on Freedom of Expression of Public Opinion

Thus we convey this information. It’s good that you really understand the terms and conditions correctly, to avoid things that are not desirable.


Source: Police Website


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