Freedom is about space where you can 'move'.
(By: Dabuan Bodil)

Independence! (Freedom!)


There is nothing more beautiful than that.


Like the title above, "Freedom is about space where you can 'move' ". Move, not confined. Free in the sense that we are physically not bound by space constraints. We are free wherever we want, without being constrained by obstacles that make us feel bound.


What does it mean?


Many! Free means we are not in a state of confinement, not imprisoned. Not limited by a 'wall' that can prevent us from doing activities. So precious is freedom that someone must maintain his attitude and behavior so as not to break the law and go to prison.


Free in the broader sense, free of self-determination. Not controlled by others. Even to get someone's freedom (everyone) is willing to sacrifice themselves or life to get it. Is this writing so dramatic? No. We know that the freedom of our nation is redeemed with blood, tears and suffering. The freedom fought for was called 'Independence'.


If we want to discuss freedom in a broader sense, freedom is our freedom of thinking and acting. Freedom of expression. Freedom to express yourself. Freedom to be yourself.


Free! Get the true meaning in yourself, by not breaking the law, by maintaining ethics, by respecting others, because after all, freedom is the basic right of everyone so that our freedom must not violate the interests of others.

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