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Dabuan Bodil, is a bathing place in Kolang, Central Tapanuli. In the past, this place was a forest that is not too dense, or rather a field that is not overgrown by any type of plants that can make money, because the base of the soil is rocks.

But when the author came to this place, the author believes that the potential of this place is actually more than justĀ  plants that can make money. A lot can be yielded from this place. Especially when the authors saw that on holiday this place has been visited by some people just to take a bath or mingle between friends.

Many tourist destinations that writers have visited in all over Indonesia. And the places are not more beautiful than Dabuan Bodil. Also not as natural as Dabuan Bodil. The river that flows so clear, fresh because it is still in between forests that are still well preserved. The water is cool because of the rocks, the air is still very cool that make the author has a desire to manage this place. Incidentally this place is a relic of author's parents, which she said should not be sold.

A small amount of money that the author had when returning from Jakarta, author used to cut down the shrubs that wrap around this place. A staircase of cement remains the mark of this place when the author started it. In the past, to descend to the riverbanks, visitors had to crawl among the bushes to reach the river side. There used to be a sense of pride when starting to make this place, because at that time, a variety of visitors came to this place, ranging from children, teenagers, adults and even old grandmothers who want to feel the cool water of Dabuan Bodil.

It was then. Now visitors of Dabuan Bodil are not as many as when the author started it. The lack of money to maintaining this place leaves the writer powerless to revive this place again. Author once hope this place will get the attention of the Regional Government of Central Tapanuli Regency to serve this place as a tourist destination in Central Tapanuli. The hope ran aground, even when the writer used to stop the Central Tapanuli Regent, Bonaran Situmeang at this place when the Regent was about to monitor the mutual help in Sipakpahi Village. The Regent promised to come to this place, but apparently the promise was never kept because the Regent had already stepped down.

The author failed to make this place as a tourist spot, because, right now this place has started to re-overgrown shrubs and unkempt. But the author does not want Dabuan Bodil name just disappear. Too many sacrifices that the writer experienced when starting and trying to defend it. The author wants Dabuan Bodil to be remembered by people, if not for the pride of the existence of a tourist place, at least the author wants to keep sharing through a website called dabuanbodil.com, a site that the author uses to share a little knowledge that the author knows, or thoughts (on opinion category) that may be useful to the reader, or else it may be just a sigh of a failed person who tries to keep himself useful, because the writer has a faith that whatever we do will never be in vain.


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